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Web editor essential: website content promotion 29 ways

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How to increase your website traffic? Here are 29 things you can consider. Some of them you may have adopted, some you may have forgotten to adopt, and some you may not have heard of.

How to increase your website traffic? Here are 29 things you can consider. Some of them you may have adopted, some you may have forgotten to adopt, and some you may not have heard of. In summary, here you can end up with a variety of current effective website promotion methods. First of all, you need to understand that website promotion is a long and systematic process, need to make clear goals and plans, and prepare accordingly.
It is the most important strategy in search engine promotion to rank first among the major search engines with the most important keywords of the website. Search engine search robot will automatically search the content of the web page, so the search engine strategy starts with optimizing the web page.

First, add the page title

Write five to eight word descriptive headings for each page. The title should be succinct with minor words such as "of" and "of". To illustrate the page, what is the most important content of the site. The title of the page will appear on the link in the search results page, so it can be written in a slightly provocative way to attract searchers to click on the link. Also include your company name and your most important keywords in the cover letter, not just the company name. Every page of your site should have a title for that page.

2. Descriptive META tag was added

In addition to page titles, many search engines will find META tags. This is an explanatory sentence. Describe the content of the body of the page, and include keywords, phrases, etc. Currently, META tags with keywords are not helpful for ranking, but sometimes META tags are used in paid login technologies. And who knows when search engines will take it seriously again?

3. Put your keywords in bold text, usually in the title of the article

Search engines value bold text because it is an important part of this page. So be sure to include your keywords in one or two bold text tags. Try to avoid making important headlines into pictures, and don't make the entire front page into one picture.

Be sure to include keywords in the first paragraph of your text

Search engines want to find your keywords in the first paragraph, but don't overdo it. Google generally considers 1.5 to 2 keywords per 100 words as the best keyword density for good ranking. Other places to consider putting keywords are in the ALT or COMMEET tags of your code. If you can't ensure that the first paragraph of the text appears keywords, you can consider some measures, such as adding a note to the page, and so on.

Navigation design to be easy to search engine search

Some people use frames in web authoring, but this is a serious problem for search engines. Even if the search engine finds your content page, it may miss key navigation sections and be unable to access other pages. Navigation buttons made with JAVA and FLASH look nice, but search engines can't find them. The remedy is to create a navigation bar at the bottom of the page with a regular HTML link, making sure that you can access every page of the site. You can also make a website map and link to each page. In addition, some content management systems and e-commerce directories use dynamic web pages, where the url is usually followed by a question mark with a number. In this case. You can change the URL, pay for login and other means to solve. Dynamic sites can be easily captured by search engines through the technique of generating static pages. Try to link to all the main pages and submit the sitemap pages to the search engine separately. More use of HTML static web pages, although increased the workload, but can increase the search engine friendliness, so as to obtain a good ranking to lay the foundation.

Six, for some particularly important keywords, a few pages

Seo experts do not recommend using any deceptive transition pages aimed at search engines, as these are almost certainly copyrighted pages that may be penalized by search engines. But you can do several pages, each containing a different keyword or phrase. For example, instead of describing all of your services on one page, create a separate page for each service. In this way, each page has a corresponding keyword, which can improve the ranking because it contains specific keywords rather than general content.

Submit web pages to search engines

In the search engine is to find a link to the ADDYOURURL website. Search engines will automatically search the pages you submit. The most famous search engines in the United States are: Google, inktomi, alta, vista, tehoma. These search engines provide search content to other major search engines and portals. In Europe and elsewhere you can publish to regional search engines. As for paying someone to submit thousands of search engines for you, you're paying for nothing. Also avoid FFA (freeforallpages) sites that automatically submit your site to hundreds of search engines for free. Not only does this type of submission not work well, it can also lead to a lot of spam and can lead search engines to penalize your pages. Don't use site login software, either. Submitting your site to thousands of search engines at once is not only impossible, but also worthless. The most important thing is to do a good job of optimizing the design of the site, for the main search engines, the use of a manual submission method to carry out. For paid search engines, it is impossible to rely on software to submit. In fact, an effective search engine marketing strategy doesn't require landing a site on thousands of search engines at all, because the most visited search engines are almost 98 percent or more of the traffic, leaving the rest of the search engines with little real meaning. Also note that submission should not be one-time and should be resubmitted periodically as the content is updated. Due to the increasing number of web pages, many search robots take a long time to return, and regular submissions allow search engines to grab the latest updates.


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