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Address: no. 19 shiji xitiandong street, panyu district, guangzhou

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         Guangzhou Shilin Machinery Co.,Ltd has factories in Zhejiang province and Guangzhou, Gongdong province that manufactures and sells heat transfer printing machinery. Our machines can precisely transfer print onto garment, handbag, shoe and cap,craft,building material, advertisement items, etc, by means of vesicant print,permeating print,camouflage print, sublimation,flock heat transfer,gilding,swimsuit heat press, rhinestone hot-fix, bead hot-drill and hot stamp.
         Our company has professional R&D staff with prominent technologies to entertain big orders.With reasonable price, reliable quality and trustworthy afer-sales serice, our machines have been sold all over the China and around the world, and ever since well received by our users there.
Our company always adheres to the operating principles--technology invonation, streamlined management and amicibale afer-sales service-- to establish win-win relationships.
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