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Address: no. 19 shiji xitiandong street, panyu district, guangzhou

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"Production morality, sales character" is our purpose. Continuous communication with customers, study the change of customer needs, improve our work to make customers satisfied, is our eternal pursuit.
We always put service in the first place, for customers and partners, we will provide excellent Quality service. If you have any questions or comments during the cooperation, you can go through our customer service Center for consultation and feedback, our commitment is to respond to customer requirements timely, accurate, sincere to customers Honest, considerate service, and committed to constantly improve the quality of service. Our customer service center will continue To forge ahead, expand knowledge, proficient in business, improve themselves, your satisfaction is the goal of our work And direction.

Convenient - ――便捷(不让客户做重复的事)
Thorough - -–-周全(为客户做一切可能做到的事)
Reliable - -–-可靠(不让客户担一点心)
Intimate - - – 亲切(让客户听到我们的微笑)
Professional - - –专业(让客户感觉到我们是专家)
Sincere - - –-真诚(全心全意地为客户着想)

Customer service hotline is opened 24 hours a day to provide customers with timely technical support, answer questions and deal with urgent problems.

We provide E-mail, online QQ/ online customer service and other communication tools, through the remote to provide all kinds of technical support.
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